Uniform description and guidelines

Please refer to InSchoolWear, for a complete guide on the items available.

Black dress shoes (polished and clean) are mandatory for all students. Socks are required. Sandals are not permitted.

The uniform shirt is to be worn tucked inside the waistband of the uniform pants. The shirt must be buttoned to the top button, and the tie must be worn with the knot high enough to cover the top button.     

Each student is expected to have his/her uniform clean and neat at all times.  Every Monday students dress on their formal uniform.

Uniforms must not be altered except for proper fit.

Hair is to be neat and trim. Extreme or unconventional hairstyles or colours which detract from the appearance are unacceptable. Male students are to be clean-shaven with tidy hair. No facial hair is acceptable as part of the uniform for school students. Therefore, beards and moustaches are not part of the uniform.

Female students are also expected to maintain tidy hair. For hygienic purposes dreadlocks are not permitted. Hair decorations are to be simple and functional. Long sideburns are not acceptable.

Multiple piercings or other ornates and large pieces of jewellery (religious and/or non religious) are not permitted.

Hats, caps, or other head coverings must not be worn in school during the day.

Jackets and gym wear must not be worn in class except with the permission of the teacher.

If a student's personal appearance at school is unacceptable, he/she will be dealt with immediately by the school staff. 

If a student's personal appearance is unacceptable for School or a school function, he/she will be asked to correct the problem. If this is not possible, the school teacher/director may decide that the student will not be permitted to perform in school activities/function. In this case parents will be contacted as soon as possible.