The Story of Moses - eBook

A Lesson of Love and Courage for Children

"Do you want to do a good deed? Teach the young!
Do you want to perform a holy act? Teach the young!
Do you want to do a holy thing? Teach the young!
Truly, now and for the future, among holy things, this is the holiest."

--St John Bosco

The Extraordinary Lives Collection is a growing series with more that 40 upcoming titles and it is a wonderful tool for parents educating their children, for grandparents and for educators looking for resources. 

The Story of Moses brings us an important lesson: no obstacle is greater than the force of Good. Just as the biblical hero parted the waters of the sea, each person can, with divine grace, overcome the challenges of life. Within these pages, children can come to know the central points of this ancient adventure, told in an entertaining style.

The Extraordinary Lives Collection is a growing series with more that 40 upcoming titles. Available in PDF format. Direct Download. 34 pages. Suggested donation:  CAD $5



        We have great news to share!

This September 2015, Lumen Veritatis has started its second successful year of rebranding, by incorporating  its strong spiritual formation program to the generous support of Guiding Light Academy's professional team of educators.

This addition to the Academy's religion teaching and strong moral values will bring the academic excellence to a new level, always under the spiritual guidance of the Heralds of the Gospel. Now we are offering a New Scholarship Program Starting September 2015. Please contact us for more details!

THANK YOU! Our special thanks to the Board of Directors, friends, families, benefactors and members of the Clergy and religious Sisters who attended 7th Christmas Gala Dinner. Congratulations!


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